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  • Cristian Vargas

    Hi, I got "No plugin url set for "splitTracker" when I tried to require the plugin. Could you help me? please

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  • Emiliano

    Hi Cristian Vargas. I am sorry it has been a while since you posted your comment, but I wanted to provide a response anyway for future references.

    If you're getting the log message `No plugin url set for "splitTracker".`, I assume you are using Google Analytics Debugger. The reason for that log might be that you have forgotten to instantiated the SDK with the "GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_TO_SPLIT" integration, as follows:

    var factory = SplitFactory({
      core: {
        authorizationKey: <YOUR CLIENT-SIDE API KEY>,
        key: <USER KEY>,
        trafficType: <TRAFFIC TYPE>
      integrations: [{

    Without the integration, the `splitTracker` plugin will not be provided, and so it will not be found when you place the command `ga('require', 'splitTracker')`

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