• Abindukalpa

    As a further addition to the above query, does this mean

    Subscription management for feature releases would also be a permanent split. 

  • Bilal Al-Shahwany

    Yes, if you are tying features toggle to Splits, the splits should be permanent. You still retain the control of shutting down the feature or reduce the population that see it from Split UI.




  • Dave Murphy

    Hi there.  In most cases, yes.  Paywalls segregate customers who have the entitlement for a specific feature based on status, packaging, revenue or some other distinction and you would keep the flag in place permanently to manage the users based on an attribute or being in a whitelist.

    There are cases where premium users get early access, but eventually the feature is made available to all users.  In that case you'd retire the flag once the feature is no longer restricted. 


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