• Bilal Al-Shahwany

    Hi Todd,


    .NET package is used in Windows Development platform, it does not support MacOS or other platforms. .NET Core is platform independent library, you can use it with the Visual Studio app for MacOS.

    You only need to use one package depending on your platform.



  • Todd Meinershagen



    I don't think you understand my question. 

    I understand that .NET framework code can only support the Windows platform and that a .NET core component can be hosted on any platform.  That has nothing to do with how you package the shared Split.io logic.

    There are two options for supporting both .NET framework and .NET Core.  Split.io decided not to use either way.  They actually released two distinct NuGet packages.  It could have been done with one NuGet package with either technique that I described - even if they wanted to have two different .dlls targeted at each framework (.NET or .NET core)





  • Bilal Al-Shahwany

    Ah thanks Todd, we are actually planning to unify the libraries to one package only, will pass your comments to PM.

    Thanks again for clarifying.


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