Using Split with a Shopify store?



  • Emma Connelly

    1- Treatments are created from the Split UI ( when a split is added to an environment.
    2- Typical treatments are "on" and "off", I suggest to watch videos in this link :
    3- You can import customer attributes from Segment to Split, however, these attributes can be seen from the split UI only, and cannot be used in targeting rules.

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  • tech

    Hi Emma, 

    Thank you for your reply! I read/watched the article/videos you linked to, and played around with the Split UI on 

    I have a few follow-up questions:

    1. The video discusses "putting in the code for the on, off, and control treatments," but doesn't give any examples. Is there documentation with example code for on, off, and control treatments? 

    2. Is it possible, using split, to work with HTML code in my Shopify store? As a basic example, suppose that I have a button on my website that says "Add to cart." I want to create a split whereby 50% of users will see "Add to a cart" as a blue button and 50% will see "Add to cart" as a red button. Could my on, off, and control treatment codes accomplish this, and if so, how?

    3. How can I create segments that align with my Shopify store? For example, if I have certain customers in my Shopify store with unique customer IDs, and I want to add those customers to a "VIP" segment, so that I can create splits targeted toward them - how can I import those segments from Shopify to Split?

    All the best,


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  • Dave Murphy

    Hello Samarth, I see you also sent in a support ticket.  We'll continue the conversation there.


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