Update "Active" indicator to include traffic from split dependencies


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  • Dave Murphy

    Hi Ashley, I looked but didn't see the isBetaClient split, so I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming that's the split on which one or more child splits are dependent.  If so, it's certainly possible that isBetaClient is not generating any impressions.  isBetaClient doesn't even have to be in code to be used as a parent split, and therefore may never generate an impression/traffic.  

    In other words, if "newFeature" is dependent on isBetaClient when the user hits newFeature Split will evaluate isBetaClient (again, whether or not it's even in the code) to determine the treatment to serve.  But at that point Split is only serving the treatment for the dependent split(s). 

    While isBetaClient is not generating an impression, it is being evaluated.  That said, I can see how it would be useful to know if the split is being 'used', so I'll put in a feature request to perhaps include an indicator that shows 'has been evaluated' that would likely be different from sending traffic.


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